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airhunters chooses TMS in the cloud

The young, dynamic shipping company airhunters, known for its flexibility and creative transport solutions, continues to professionalise by using a Transport Management System.

Airhunters, a new-fashioned shipping company that uses a variety of hauliers, chose FiLogic for its system flexibility. Erik Roelevink, founder of airhunters explains: “Our business philosophy is based on using trucks that are on the road already, compare it to carpooling, but then with goods: cargopooling. An efficient, sustainable way of transportation, but difficult to track & trace unfortunately. However, we do want to offer our customers a better, more innovative track & trace than what other shipping companies offer. We trust that we can achieve this by working closely together with FiLogic. It’s not a ready-made product that we buy. Together we’re building a state-of-the-art TMS.”

FiLogic offers the latest generation of transport management software. It is a complete Transport Management System that operates in the cloud. Important reasons why airhunters chose FiLogic are the possibilities of running customer specific reports and the unique customer portal. “Our customers can expect more than just order entry and POD download possibilities” says Hans van Wieringen, co-founder of airhunters. Furthermore, the system offers clear order processing, planning, (consolidated) invoicing and multi-leg transports.

The fact that these two companies have so much in common, increases the trust they have in each other. Both are relative new players on the market, but have years of experience in either IT or logistics. Both airhunters and FiLogic aim to be the best. Tailor-made, flexibility and customer satisfaction come first. They strive for a simple solution, regardless of the request. Both parties look forward to the coming period in which they will work on a state-of-the-art TMS.

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