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the only number you need for all your international transport requests!

24/7, more personal, faster and more sustainable delivered. Promised!

too long, too heavy, difficult or urgentcomplex shipments

Sometimes your shipment is too large. Or too long. Does your customer want the shipment faster or do you have another challenge? No problem for us!

We take on every challenge. Bundles, pipes, crates, machines, urgent, too wide or too high, loading with a crane, we always find a solution, promised!

Discover how we work
cheaper, faster, and more sustainable transportcargopooling

We use trucks that are already on the road. We call this cargo pooling. A half-empty truck is a waste, especially if it passes by your destinations anyway. For the driver, a small detour means a faster, cheaper, and proven more sustainable delivery for you!

Discover how it works
Airhunters has been providing quirky transportation solutions for more than 10 years. Our daily concern is: how can transport be faster, cheaper and more sustainable? By now we have found the answer to this, too.
We use trucks that are on the road anyway. We have more than a million trucks at our disposal, without being a transport company.
We don't add trucks to the traffic, but look for space based on our customers' specific shipments. We are literally "Airhunters.
This allows us to provide solutions that no other transportation company can match.
when choose for airhunters?
  • Plus

    your international shipment is not standard, longer, wider or heavier (crates, bundles, machines)

  • Plus

    you (and/or your customer) are very demanding

  • Plus

    you are looking for more sustainable solutions, with proven CO2 reduction

  • Plus

    your shipment is urgent, you need collection sameday or latest within 24 hrs, with direct delivery

  • Plus

    shipment needs to go to from a different country to another different country (3-rd counrty delivery)

  • Plus

    for ad hoc shipments 

  • Minus

    less suitable for economy parcel or economy 1 pallet shipment (minimum charge 200 euro, that's why)

  • Minus

    less suitable for NL-NL standard non urgent shipments

  • Minus

    no fix driver

No challenge too big

Transportation is people work. We understand that like no other. How we do this is simple, we go to work as people. We call, we email, we go out there if we have to. One thing is for sure, we keep going until your shipments arrive safe and whole. Where others give up, we start!
guaranteed the most sustainable!
available 24/7
CO2-slide 1current situation unnecessary CO2 emissions and traffic congestions
CO2-slide 2aithunters feels this can change...

Cargopooling - How it works

On average, a truck is only 85% full. We think that's a waste. We use this to provide our customers with transport faster, cheaper and more sustainable. This is how we match our customers' specific needs with the right truck.
Ask us:

Ask your transportation question, our hunters sharpen it up and start hunting immediately. Always a response within an hour.


We immediately scan all current transport options and make a customised proposal.


Airhunters itself is also on top of execution - always involved and always proactive. 


We will give you an exact time of arrival of the chosen driver 


Your shipment is carefully loaded last 

Shipping and arrival:

The driver drives directly to your final destination, and your shipment arrives safely and quickly.

No challenge too great

Our promises to you
  1. We don't sell no
  2. 100% independent
  3. Always the fastest, always the cheapest
  4. Planet and People first!

For you if your shipment is:

  • Not a 'normal' size
  • Difficult to deliver or collect
  • One-off shipment
  • Often rejected by other transport companies

We mainly provide international transport within Europe

Nor are we tied to fixed routes, depots or destinations. Your shipment is simply picked up where you want it, and delivered where you (or your customer) wants it.
  • Always fast
  • Always cheap
  • Always tailor-made
We are not a transport company, but we do have access to a million trucks!
"Wij verzenden altijd internationaal met Airhunters, kan niet bestaat niet bij de hunters!"
"With Airhunters we found thé partner for all our logistic challenges. Up till now we were not able to find a job which they could not execute!"
Tonny MB plastics
"Dank voor de snelle leverering in Frankrijk!"
Frequently Asked Questions
can you do express shipments

Yes, because we can collect fast and driver direct to your customer shipments will allways ASAP.

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