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The transport solution that fits...

Airhunters offers distinctive transport solutions that aren’t just more sustainable, but also considerably cheaper. We use trucks that are already on the road. We do not add trucks to existing traffic, but search for space based on the specific shipments of our customers. We are literally ‘airhunters’.

current situation causes unnecessary CO<sub>2</sub> emissions and traffic congestions! current situation causes unnecessary CO2 emissions and traffic congestions!
airhunters feels this can change… airhunters feels this can change…

And air we have in abundance, because in general a truck is filled for a maximum of 85 %!

how do we do that??

We do this by means of ‘cargopooling’. Just like carpooling, cargopooling offers the following important advantages: lower costs, more efficient transport, less congestion, and less CO2 emissions. The transport solution that fits!

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