Complex shipments

Based on a specific transport request, we first estimate what the correct transport solution could be (our years of experience is very useful here…). We then check this with various hauliers and make an offer for the specific request.

How does this work in practice?

Speed, specific loading and unloading requirements, chilled or heated, dangerous goods, open transport or exceptional measurements? It doesn’t matter to us! Based on the requirements, we check which haulier is in the neighbourhood – with suitable equipment – on which the shipment can hitch a ride. A small package can be added to the back, a long, light package such as a bundle may be placed on top of another shipment. A full truck load (FTL) can be taken as a return shipment by a haulier who is looking for a return shipment back home. Cleverly combining and puzzling is our thing.
Senario 1bundling two partial loads with the same origin and destination
Senario 2consolidation: two export trips to the same destination
Senario 3consolidation trips: same origin, different destinations
Senario 4one truck on a round trip instead of two trucks on single trips
Senario 5combination: two trips in one tour, re-loading at destination one
Senario 6combination: tow trips, three deliveries in one tour
By using the ‘overcapacity’ in trucks, the roads become a whole lot quieter.


  • Ask us: ask your transport question, our hunters will put it in into focus and start hunting immediately. Always an answer within the hour!
  • Offer: we immediately scan all current transport possibilities and make a customized proposal.
  • Done: airhunters always keeps track of the execution. Down to the last detail, as agreed and proactive!
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