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Doing more with less

More shipments with less transport movements, increasing transport efficiency by using empty space.
Our years of experience in transport show us ample chances for more intelligent transport: using empty spaces and letting cargo hitch a ride on existing shipments. Also called ‘cargopoolen’. This gives us the opportunity to offer our customers the best deals and society less traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.
The transport world is heavily fragmentised. There are many competitors, from small businesses to large companies, as well as specialists and total providers. They may be focused on low prices or high service, but hardly ever on both. No-one has an up-to-date and good market overview and works 100% independently.
It's time for airhunters to change this!

what do we do?

We offer our customers (large and small company ies) distinctive transport solutions and make every effort to do so. We can be reached 24 hours a day, don’t say no and try to respond within the hour. We want to excel in customer service, whether you have one shipment a year or 20,000 (we have both types of customers)!
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