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building a transportation business hunting for air

Meet Erik Roelevink, founder of airhunters, a company offering transport solutions that aren’t just more sustainable, but also considerably cheaper. I met Erik earlier this year, when we were both part of the same panel on sustainable innovation. When we found out we were both attending the 360 inspiration event with Richard Branson and Al Gore, we met for drinks and for an interview about abundance, transportation and entrepreneurship for change.


airhunters signs mega deal!

MegaGroup and airhunters prolonged their cooperation by sealing a new deal for the coming three years.

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airhunters finalist for the NT Marketing Award!

A lot of attention is paid to sales in the transport & logistics sector. However, recently marketing has become more important. In order to reinforce this, the first NT Marketing Award will be presented at the Marketing in Transport Conference. A new annual tradition for B2B marketing in the transport sector.

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airhunters moved offices

Airhunters moved its offices to Industriepark Kleefse Waard, a historical industrial environment where sustainable-oriented entrepreneurs inspire each other.

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airhunters trucking experience 2015

On 12 September ‘the big day’ finally arrived: our customer day with ‘fitted’ ingredients: 5 driving schools, 7 trucks, 25 guests, 1 caricaturist and a barista! We talk about transport with our customers on a daily basis, but few have actually driven a truck. All the more reason for airhunters to organise a trucking experience!

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airhunters provides minister of good ideas!

Good ideas I am personally committed to are, not completely unexpected, based on the sharing economy. Besides airhunters, which focuses on sharing trucks, and Mywheels, sharing cars that are inactive during the day, I am thinking about starting the SHARE FACTORY.

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airhunters is a certified training company

It would be a shame to keep our knowledge and working method to ourselves, that’s why we’re also a certified training company.

airhunters energy neutral with add-ons

Sustainability is deeply rooted in airhunters’ views. That’s why we choose to heat our offices energy neutral by means of solar panels. But we take it one step further. We organise the transport ourselves and do this sustainably by cargopooling.

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airhunters chooses TMS in the cloud

The young, dynamic shipping company airhunters, known for its flexibility and creative transport solutions, continues to professionalise by using a Transport Management System.

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who wants to start cargopooling?

airhunters wants to increase the load factorAirhunters is a young company originally situated in Velp, Gelderland, that exactly does what its company name implies: hunting for air. Air in semitrailers that is, because the 15 per cent air left over in trucks is an eyesore to entrepreneurs Erik Roelevink and Hans van Wieringen. “Cargopooling offers a solution and an advantage to shipper, haulier and the environment.”

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on the hunt for six thousand empty trailers

Hauliers don’t like to talk about it, but there are about six thousand empty trucks on the Dutch roads every day. We can compare that to a 90 km traffic jam. Erik Roelevink and Hans van Wieringen search for those empty spaces of the transport sector on behalf of their customers.

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airhunters fills ‘air’ in trucks

Two former Wim Bosman managers started the company airhunters, a new service provider focused on cleverly filling up empty spaces in trucks. “We believe that transportation can be arranged smarter and more sustainable.”

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