airhunters energy neutral with add-ons

Sustainability is deeply rooted in airhunters’ views. That’s why we choose to heat our offices energy neutral by means of solar panels. But we take it one step further. We organise the transport ourselves and do this sustainably by cargopooling.
Sustainable transport isn’t always used when shipping a product from supplier to end user. By using trucks that are on the road already, deliveries of goods can take place without further impact on the environment. And exactly that is airhunters’ speciality.
The transportation is planned and soon they will start placing 20 solar panels, the inverter heat pump and the energy saving heating pumps. Then our office in Velp will be energy neutral with add-ons, thanks to the sustainable transport method.
But being a sustainable company means that we’ve already taken other sustainable measures. For example, we drive A-label cars and go to work by bicycle. Our computers, desks and chairs are refurbished. Furthermore, we take care of future generations as certified training company.
Practice what you preach is our motto!
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