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The added value of our independence and our desire to excel in customer satisfaction is demonstrated once again during the project we are carrying out for Waste Treatment Technologies Netherlands bv (WTT). WTT designs, builds, installs and maintains high-tech solutions for the waste treatment industry. For logistics, they were looking for a partner where the entire transport in all its complexity could be accommodated. Trust plays an important role here.
The projects involve the realisation of three state-of-the-art factories that not only process the waste, but also convert the waste into energy, thus powering over 30,000 homes in the immediate vicinity. For this project, WTT has outsourced the production of all components - conveyors, shredders, steel construction - to companies mainly in Poland and Germany. These are then assembled by a third party in the UK and Lithuania, respectively. These are complex projects because of the pan-European transport, the temporary large volumes and the interests of the parties involved. Logically, WTT was looking for a transport partner they could fully trust.
It is not easy to temporarily put away large volumes in the market, let alone find backloads. It then quickly becomes an expensive, unsustainable business. In addition, great flexibility is required, given the large number of changes up to the day of loading. This is where airhunters' expertise comes in handy. After all, we always consider the best transport solution on a daily basis. Within our almost borderless network, we can quickly determine which carrier has loading space available near the loading location at that time. In addition, we invest in our customer relations and personally visit all parties involved in Lithuania, Poland, Germany and the UK. Partly due to this involvement, we can anticipate changes and urgent shipments well. Our expertise combined with our personal approach ensures that WTT can fully concentrate on its core business.
Flexible transport solutions for large volumes with trust as the basis, even when transports are exclusively abroad.

what’s in it for our customer?

  • A satisfied customer
  • Short communication lines
  • Appropriate transport solutions
  • Cost savings
  • Efficient use of loading space
  • Reduction of congestion
  • Less CO2 emissions
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