what distinguishes airhunters

Our strength lies in our independence and our passion to optimally serve our customers. This gives us the freedom to choose any haulier we want. Furthermore, we will go to great lengths to fulfil our customer’s expectations. In practice we can choose from thousands of lorries/trucks daily, many more than the largest haulier. We provide both ad hoc shipments or can re-arrange a fixed route to make it more efficient and sustainable.
For example, one of our customers transports tubes to Germany on a daily basis. Tubes varying from three to eight metres in length. Generally a difficult matter: a relative low value, somewhat vulnerable product with complicated measurements. There aren’t many
hauliers willing to ship these products, as it requires special treatment and often does not fit in their network. Furthermore, the goods are of such a low value that trucks can’t spend a dedicated trip on them. Our customer came to us for a solution.
We combine long PVC tubes with, for example, pallets, for more efficient shipments.
And this is where our years of experience in the world of transport comes in handy. We have a limitless network of hauliers, in which we found the perfect solution: a combination of various hauliers, including Bekker Transport in Emmerich, Germany. They perform daily
shipments to the same locations where our customer has to deliver to. Bekker Transport saw the same possibilities to place the tubes on top of the pallets of their customers. This way, the tubes can catch a ride on an existing shipment.
A very efficient solution for a very specific transport question.

what’s in it for our customer?

  • A satisfied customer
  • Immediate reduction in costs of € 100,000 / € 150,000 per year
  • Improvement in delivery performance
  • No extra trucks added to the traffic
  • Reduction of traffic congestion
  • Less CO2 emissions
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