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airhunters fills ‘air’ in trucks

Two former Wim Bosman managers started the company airhunters, a new service provider focused on cleverly filling up empty spaces in trucks. “We believe that transportation can be arranged smarter and more sustainable.”

Airhunters is a logistics service provider focused on filling empty spaces in trucks that are on the road already. “Shipments that other service providers prefer not to take, we find solutions for, says Erik Roelevink, one of the two owners. He calls it ‘crazy’ that those shipments cause mainstream logistics service providers so many headaches or that they won’t take them on.


Airhunters is more than willing to sink its teeth into such matters, without adding extra transportation movements. It doesn’t matter to them what kind of transportation is required (dangerous goods, conditioned or frozen goods), where the shipment is headed or when and how it has to be delivered. Roelevink: “We help our customers and look for a solution in the existing network of logistics service providers.” Hans van Wieringen,  the other owner of airhunters: “We know many people in the transport sector due to our years of experience at Wim Bosman’s. Shipments can often hitch a ride on a truck already headed in the right direction.”

Airhuntes prefers working with local specialists and medium-sized logistics service providers. “The kind where the planner knows the driver, that’s what works best,” says Roelevink. “They often say, here’s the driver’s phone number, give him a call.”

working with other parties

When a shipment has to be delivered quickly, the customer often has to depend on the usual express services. Airhunters offers a more economical alternative by solving the puzzle creatively using existing trucks already on their way. “When you communicate well, it doesn’t matter which driver picks up the goods,” believe Roelevink and Van Wieringen. “We also notice that it becomes easier for companies to load or unload goods at the competitor. Because we’re a neutral party, the fear of working together diminishes among logistics service providers.”

solution within the hour

Airhunters started in January and already has over 50 customers. When a customer calls, Roelevink and Van Wieringen respond within the hour with a solution and price. For shipments that require less haste, the company developed the ‘Filler Service’. A departure schedule for shipments twice a week to e.g. France instead of daily. “As a result we can ship goods to their destinations for a lower price, because we plan routes efficiently and combine shipments.” The goods are loaded on trucks that go to the right region, where they are re-loaded, less re-loading means less chances on damages.

Transparent prices

A clear, all-in price beforehand per assignment. No extra charges or hidden costs. Clear and transparent.

Bron: Annemiek Jorritsma, Logistiek Translation: Judith Oudkerk

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